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Loft Conversions in Wimbledon | Advice From the Expert Builders – How to Work From Home More Effectively

Ever since the pandemic, more homeowners than ever get to enjoy flexible work hours, while some avoid the office completely. Although some employers know that more flexibility means happier staff, it only takes a dip in quality to see them take these benefits away. At S.T. Egan & Son, we believe that no one should have to work on the dining room table, and carry out property renovations, loft conversions and home refurbishments to find the space you need. So if you live in Wimbledon and wish to learn how property extensions could help you focus, our builders will be thrilled to take your call.

On this page, we run through some of the steps available to ensure you have a place to stay productive. These enable you to make a big impression on your clients and your boss alike.

Look to Existing Areas – It’s not uncommon for homeowners around Wimbledon and Surrey to work at the kitchen table, in bed, or even in the garden, despite owning a spacious loft or garage that sits empty. If this sounds familiar, then you may benefit the most from home refurbishments, loft conversions or property renovations. Should you need to work while looking after pets or small children, our builders could always knock through a wall to form a multipurpose lounge where you can live and work at your convenience.

Consider Extending the Home – Of course, the only way to actually gain more space is to extend. Property extensions, which can be either single or double storey to suit your needs, most often build to the rear or side of the house. While this takes up some of the surrounding land, you may find a bright, garden-like environment creates the perfect setting for your office in the Wimbledon area. If you’d rather keep the garden as it is, you could always choose property renovations or home refurbishments instead.

Think About What You Need – Do you require peace and quiet over everything else? Will you need to store files, or have numerous power outlets for your equipment? Maybe you work long hours and demand a space that stays bright for as long as possible. Either way, our builders can adapt house refurbishments and loft conversions to suit your needs. You might also wish to think on furniture placement as well as artificial lighting.

Create the Perfect Conditions – One of the biggest challenges for those working from home is finding the commitment to avoid distractions. That said, you also want your office in Wimbledon or Surrey to be a place that you actually want to enter on a Monday morning. For this reason, we suggest tailoring home refurbishments, property extensions and loft conversions to your decorative tastes. Add a colour you always wanted, include exposed brick, select recessed lights, or hang wall art for that personal touch.

Comfort and Warmth – There’s a reason people across Wimbledon and Surrey convert their disused living spaces, rather than using them as they stand. As a team of experienced builders, S.T. Egan & Son creates warm and efficient spaces, whether we’re managing home refurbishments, property renovations or loft conversions to completion. A-rated windows keep the warm air indoors while making your office secure, while insulation and heating systems work in tandem for an efficient workspace all year round.

To discuss loft conversions, home refurbishments and more in Wimbledon, call 0203 685 6860 or 07860 233725 and arrange a consultation with the reputable builders.