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Property Renovations in Epsom, Leatherhead and the Surrounding Areas

S.T. Egan & Son believes that transforming your home should be a pleasurable experience, and far from stressful. For this reason, our builders take a number of steps to make you feel at ease. Firstly, we answer any questions you have regarding property renovations, giving you confidence in our service no matter the challenges ahead. We also keep you updated during each phase of development. Whether you own a small terrace in Leatherhead or a much larger home in the Epsom area, our team works reliably and at a competitive rate.

Property renovations allow homeowners to enjoy a renewed living space that fully meets their needs. To guarantee your satisfaction, we provide the following benefits and services:

Please see examples of our previous work and contact us in Stoneleigh to talk through the options. Our builders manage property renovations within Epsom, Leatherhead and Surrey – taking care at every stage to deliver a stunning home that speaks to you on a personal level.

Property Renovations | The First Choice for Renovation Work

As a trained team of builders, we ensure each room remains safe, structurally sound and appealing to the eye. Renovating demands great skill, so we remove old fixtures as safely as possible, maintain a neat area and leave your home spotless at the end of the project.

Reasons to Renovate

Homes in Leatherhead, Epsom and the surrounding areas are subject to daily wear and even structural damage. Your property may also begin to look tired, as new materials become available, and fresh trends take hold. Professional builders will work to bring your home into the modern-day, creating a space that’s both functional and highly attractive.

Property renovations can also make your Surrey home energy efficient. With better materials comes less thermal loss, allowing you to heat your rooms while reducing your energy bills.

In addition to making space with a new layout, property renovations can also boost the home’s resale value. This makes renovating a worthwhile investment.

Contact Your Local Experts

With the right team of builders, transforming your home should prove a hassle-free experience. Our family-run company organises the building services needed to make your Epsom, Leatherhead or Surrey house a home. This includes brickwork, flooring, electrical work, heating and plastering.

With full liability insurance, meaningful warranties on all materials and a growing reputation, we take the sting out of renovating the home. We also dispose of all waste in the proper way, leaving you to enjoy the results without issue or concern.

To discuss property renovations in Epsom, Leatherhead or Surrey, please call 0203 685 6860 or 07860 233725. Our builders will be thrilled to turn your ideas into beautiful realities.