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Home Refurbishments and Property Renovations in Leatherhead | Choosing the Right Builders for Your Project

Are you looking for help with home refurbishments but don’t know where to start? Searching for the right builders may be a daunting task, but with some simple tips, it doesn’t need to be. Based in Stoneleigh and serving Leatherhead and Surrey, S.T. Egan & Son can advise you on anything from property extensions and loft conversions to full-scale property renovations.

Below, we take you through some of the ways you can tell a reputable team of builders from a less reputable company. You can also contact us for advice or full project management for home refurbishments, loft conversions and property extensions.

Years of Experience

Tradesmen should have the skills to deliver fast solutions no matter the challenge. Property renovations in Leatherhead can prove complex, so it’s important to adapt quickly to any issues that arise. Our building company was formed over 35 years ago and has since moved from small-to-medium projects to much larger ones. This is due to our confidence on the job and growth of skills.

Ask About Their Qualifications

The last thing you need is to hire a team for property extensions in the Leatherhead area, only to find they lack due care. We call upon the most trusted builders and specialists to make sure your home receives only high-quality workmanship. This includes sending NICEIC-approved electricians and Gas Safe-registered heating engineers. All tradesmen are governed for quality, giving you peace of mind in the work undertaken.

Do They Have Good Communication?

Builders should develop a good rapport with their clients if they hope to grow their reputation for home refurbishments in the Leatherhead area. Communication is a key element of property renovations and loft conversions, as it allows the team to gain a clear idea of your ambitions. Without the ability to listen and suggest ideas of their own, they may end up creating a sleek, contemporary kitchen when you would have preferred the rustic look.

The Ability to Handle Complex Tasks

Sometimes, builders in the Leatherhead area may prefer to take on larger jobs or say they do despite their limitations. As a family-run company with over half a century of shared experience, we believe we can provide the best of both worlds. We work on complex property renovations, loft conversions and property extensions alike, but do so with the friendly approach of a smaller company.

Do They Offer a Comprehensive Service?

Not every home improvement firm offers the same type of service. Where some specialise in property extensions in Leatherhead, others may focus on home refurbishments elsewhere in Surrey. Using multiple companies only leads to confusion, so it’s best to rely on a team who can deliver all aspects – from groundworks and electrics to roofing and heating.

With reliable builders and proven specialists, we carry out installation work for loft conversions, extensions and more.

Please call our builders on 0203 685 6860 or 07860 233725. We provide home refurbishments, property renovations and loft conversions to the Leatherhead area.